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Expedition Vitals:
47 days on the road | 2178 miles traveled | 260 invites to stay
220 battery changes | Staying in Overland Park, KS

Meet the Crew

Meet the director, crew and rider. Learn how they're slowing down life on their 10 mph expedition to capture a sense of America. Track their progress and tune in for the online documentary. Meet the team.

Upcoming Stops

Blue Springs, MO (9/27); Sedalia, MO (9/28); Jefferson City, MO (9/29)

Press Highlights

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Sep 24, 2004

Chipotle - KC We're in Kansas City. Meet us today and be in our documentary. We'll be at Chipotle near 39th St. and Bell from Noon to 1:00 pm. Best of all, you'll see a Segway decorated in aluminum foil.

Sep 23, 2004

America at 10 mph cruises into Kansas City, Missouri, tonight, making it their sixth state visited. These pioneers have now glided over several famous routes including, The Oregon Trail, The Lewis and Clark Trail and most recently the The Pony Express Trail. They also have a feature story in Canada's leading newspaper The Globe and Mail and another great article in the Topeka Capital Journal.

Sep 16, 2004

America at 10 mph caravaned into Kansas, the birthplace of Amelia Earhart and Barry Sanders, last night. They have their sights set on Missouri next, but before they get to the Show Me state they'll have plenty to experience in the Sunflower state. They've already encountered lightning, tumbleweeds, and prairie dogs, oh my! Carry on my wayward son.

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